University of York

Tracking progression of Parkinson’s disease

Professor Stephen Smith and his team are developing medical devices to accurately measure the progression of Parkinson’s, as well as the side effects of medication for its treatment.

The LID-Monitor and PD-Monitor have the potential to greatly improve the quality of data medical staff can access when prescribing medication or assessing the progression of the condition.

The LID-Monitor consists of six small devices, worn by the subject in their own home for a 24-hour period. The sensors track their movements continuously throughout the day, after which the data is uploaded for analysis and subsequently used in the management of their medication. The monitor reduces the need for a visit to hospital, which can be difficult for those living with Parkinson’s.

The PD-Monitor uses a simple finger tapping task, which is a standard test for people to take when clinicians are assessing the progress of the condition. The monitor gives medical staff highly accurate, consistent readings, and is being trailed in hospitals across the UK and medical centres worldwide.  PD-Monitor is also being used in a nationwide clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of statins in slowing the progress of the Parkinson's.

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