University of Winchester

Helping stroke survivors through exercise

Researchers at the University of Winchester are helping to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of stroke survivors through exercise and education. 

For the past 10 years, sport and exercise physiologist Dr James Faulkner has researched the effects of physical activity on health outcomes in stroke patients. Thanks to his extensive global research, and collaborations with research partners, Dr Faulkner was the driving force behind the creation of the Health Enhancing Lifestyle Programme (HELP) Hampshire stroke clinic initiative. The not-for-profit community clinic uses academic research to make a real impact through delivering exercise classes and educational seminars to support the recovery of stroke survivors. It also provides learning and teaching opportunities for students and generates further insights to improve future treatments. 

Stroke survivor Liam Stapleton, who took part in the programme, said: “I have worked with Dr Faulkner and his staff at the university for the past two years. They have provided me with a structured, monitored and safe exercise programme. I have noticed huge improvements in my quality of life. I can walk quicker and for longer, I feel stronger and much more stable on my feet.”

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