University of Stirling

New app to make homes more dementia-friendly

People with dementia often require regular support from healthcare services, sometimes spending longer in hospital because their home environment is deemed unfit for their return. To address this problem, researchers from the University of Stirling have created a new app that offers advice on how to make homes more dementia-friendly.

People using the app are invited to take photographs of their home and answer questions about its layout and decoration. The app then makes recommendations on what improvements should be made such as changing a lightbulb or signposting doors, with the aim of improving the quality of life for those with dementia.

Since the technology’s launch, the free app has been downloaded in 11 countries, including Australia, Canada, America and Spain. Developed by Lesley Palmer, Chief Architect at Stirling’s world-renowned Dementia Services Development Centre, in partnership with Space Architects, the app is used mainly for the family or care workers of people living at home but can also be adapted for hospitals and care homes.

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