University of Nottingham

Campaign to Raise Awareness of Mental Health in Higher Education

The campaign to Raise Awareness of Mental Health in Higher Education (@ramhhe) has reached millions of students internationally, both face to face and on social media. The campaign aims to reduce stigma and create an inclusive university environment that encourages conversations between staff and students about mental health and to include the student’s voice in mental health interventions.

Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi, the founder of the campaign is a final year Economic and Social Research Council PhD mental health and wellbeing student at the University of Nottingham. She said that she was inspired to start the campaign after her own experience of working with homeless people and vulnerable women, and interacting with university students. Since starting the campaign, she has reached students all around the world, from Norway, Nigeria, Canada, Denmark, Spain, to the United States.

She has also developed a novel research model using interviews and focus group discussions to explore university students understanding of mental health – all of this while living with chronic pain syndrome.