University of Huddersfield

Using gaming to tackle abuse against women

One in three women and girls will be subjected to sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

None in Three is a research centre at the University of Huddersfield dedicated to addressing this issue. It uses computer games to prevent gender-based violence. These story-driven games enable the player to connect to the characters and understand their environment.

The first game produced by the Centre is JESSE, a game for young people designed to reduce negative attitudes that promote the social acceptance of domestic violence in the Caribbean. The game centres around a schoolboy named Jesse and his family.  Jesse and his mother Diana are living with Diana’s abusive boyfriend, Rondell. Rondell becomes angry after drinking and has been physically abusive towards Diana.

The game allows young people to follow Jesse and the people around him as they navigate an incident of violence, exploring the situation from the perspectives of a child, a nurse, a teacher, and a friend. The game was developed in Barbados and Grenada and is now being rolled out in schools in St Lucia.

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