University of Gloucestershire

Research into spiders

Researchers at the University of Gloucestershire have shed light on when and where UK house spiders are most likely to be found indoors by analysing the biggest data set ever gathered on these species by the public.

Despite not always receiving the warmest of welcomes, spiders are frequently spotted within UK households from late autumn onwards, with this influx often being referred to as the annual 'spider season'.

Researchers at the university and the Royal Society of Biology analysed the data, collected via a free mobile phone app. They found that spider sightings peaked around mid-September, with most sightings occurring around 7.30 in the evening.

Although many are not spider fans, as predators they are a crucially important part of the ecosystem, keeping other invertebrate populations in check and encouraging biodiversity. This research, fuelled by such a large data set, has given us a greater insight into the life of the spiders we often share our homes with.

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