University of Gloucestershire

Care robots for older people

Computer technologists at the University of Gloucestershire are working with Service Robotics Ltd to develop personalised healthcare robots to monitor and look after older people.

The Genie robot comes with a friendly service agent who provides live video support on the robot screen, via simple voice command. The robot is designed to help people manage their health, for example, by reminding them to take their medication, as well as offer companionship.  They also incorporate dementia and elderly care technologies to provide reminiscence and memory stimulation.  For example, Genie will ask people: “Do you remember this trip last year?' and will show family photos and videos on the screen.

The makers of the device hope that the robot will help older people lead more independent lives in their own homes.

The project will deliver 150 robots as part of a pilot study to establish the effectiveness of companionship between robots and humans in the first half of this year