Teesside University

Tackling obesity

Whether it is leading the fight against energy drinks, influencing the implementation of sugar tax, or exploring the link between pain and obesity, academics at Teesside University are using their expertise to tackle and prevent the UK’s obesity problem.

The work is being spearheaded by Professor Louisa Ells from the university’s School of Health and Social Care and the Centre for Public Health Research. Professor Louisa was involved in research with Public Health England which helped inform the government’s decision to impose a tax on sugary drinks.

Dr Amelia Lake, a dietitian and academic at Teesside University, was also part of a campaign fronted by the chef Jamie Oliver to prevent the sale of energy drinks to under-16s. This was informed by research she was involved in which found that energy drinks were cheaper to buy than water and fizzy drinks. Dr Lake was invited to give evidence in Westminster to the Science and Technology Committee on the effects of energy drinks on young people’s mental and physical health.