Liverpool Hope University

Measuring social impact of Everton FC

The Socio-Economic and Applied Research for Change (SEARCH) Research Centre at Liverpool Hope University are measuring the social and economic value generated by the community work of Everton Football Club, through its development foundation, ‘Everton in the Community’.  

Demonstrating the social return of investments made by the club on the various communities in the neighbourhood has led the club to channel its funds to the most deprived communities.

Another project investigating the local social economy multiplier (Clear Blue Water) has led to an increase in the proportion of the Club staff’s income that is spent within the locality and which circulates to the benefit of adjacent communities, within deprived wards of North Liverpool.

The Everton Free School research project explores how young peoples’ lives are transformed by attending a progressive Alternative Provision school. Secondary school students who are excluded from mainstream education are provided with a person-centred curriculum which encourages them to develop their interests and passions.

This approach and the supportive and caring environment provided by the school has helped turn many students from deprived background’s lives around; enabling them to go to college, develop careers, and attend university, thus eventually making a meaningful contribution to society.