Liverpool Hope University

Health benefits of playing tennis

Liverpool Hope academics are conducting ground-breaking research into the health benefits of playing tennis. Their research has showed that people who play tennis are less at risk of developing cholesterol, diabetes and having a stroke, compared to equally healthy people who do different kinds of physical activity.

A team of physiologists, biomechanics specialists, medical professionals, nutritionists and psychologists measured the physical, nutritional and psychological wellbeing of more than 100 amateur and professional tennis players aged between 18-25 and 35-65.  They compared body composition, electrical activity, 3D motion capture data, muscle strength, overall fitness, vascular function, cholesterol, eating habits and emotional wellbeing of the volunteers.

Associate Professor Omid Alizadehkhaiyat, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology, who helped to conduct the research said: “While it is a given that an active lifestyle has long term benefits, we want to find out which sport in particular has the maximum impact on our overall health – and we suspect that it may be tennis.”