Falmouth University

Improving the provision of care for older people

The ageing population and ever-increasing pressures on health and social care funding mean there is an urgent need for new and innovative solutions to health and care challenges.

Anna Mankee-Williams, a Senior Research Fellow in Health and Care at Falmouth University, is leading projects that could revolutionise the way care is delivered, particularly in isolated and rural communities. She is developing ideas like multi-generational living to improve the provision of care and considering ways in which satellite technology could be used to facilitate the provision of health and social care in dispersed or disconnected communities.

Her investigations into new care-models seek to help communities live, learn and create together, tackling social disintegration and reducing the burden of social care costs on stretched local council budgets

By linking creative thinkers, designers and academics with technology, health and industry professionals, these projects aim to enable positive, lasting change.