Edinburgh Napier

Helping intensive care patients

More than 15,000 people are admitted to an intensive care in Scotland every year. Those who survive often suffer long-term physical and psychological issues, but support is rarely provided after they are discharged. 

That’s why Pam Ramsay, a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University, has led on developing criticalcarerecovery.com, a website designed to improve the lives of patients and families recovering after intensive care. The website provides bespoke information, advice and support for patients, who would otherwise struggle to find out more about the common after-effects of intensive care; what to expect during recovery; and how to find the help they need in their local area. 

The website includes text, voice files and video clips from healthcare professionals and patients on common issues as well as a patient blog. Patients report feeling reassured, inspired and more hopeful about their own recovery. Pam led the development of the website using over 10 years' interview-based research with patients in NHS Lothian, with additional input from family members, clinicians, researchers and web developers. More recently, she has successfully scaled up the website to six Scottish intensive care units, and the website was viewed by more than 10,000 people in 2018. 

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