Brunel University London

Understanding the UK epidemic of loneliness

The BBC Loneliness Experiment – the largest-ever study into loneliness, one of the major challenges our society faces - was developed by Professor Christina Victor from Brunel University London, together with Claudia Hammond from BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind and academics from the Universities of Exeter and Manchester. 

The survey generated 55,000 responses from people aged 16 to 99 and found that those aged 16 to 24 feel lonely more often and more deeply than any other age group, challenging the stereotype of the lonely older person.

For Professor Victor, who researches health and wellbeing in later life, this was just one of several findings about loneliness that demonstrate the complexity of the issue. Her work has made a significant contribution to the public understanding of ageing and loneliness, recognised by policymakers, practitioners and campaigners.  

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