Bournemouth University

Cutting the rate of malnutrition in Dorset

Malnutrition affects around 3 million people in the UK and the condition poses significant threats to the nation’s health. Jane Murphy, Professor of Nutrition at Bournemouth University, is working in partnership with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network to develop and test new ways to identify people at risk of malnutrition early so that effective action can be taken to improve health and quality of life.

The research has led to the development of the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist, a simple tool to identify and treat people at risk of malnutrition. A pilot study in Dorset found that of 561 people screened for malnutrition, 27% were at increased risk of malnutrition and 60 of these improved their nutritional status through advice and follow up, representing an annual cost saving of £51,545. 

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